Tranforming a Paper-Based Health Organization to become an Empowered Digital Force



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Founded in the early 1950s, Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) is the longest standing nutritional research organization in the US. PPNF wanted to update their brand and website to a more professional, modern experience. PPNF started a re-branding project with our friends at thinkPARALLAX but needed an expert web team to help strategize and execute the digitization of their well established paper journal, along with the transfer and reorganization of the wealth of content on their existing WordPress website.


Any project involving a re-branding is always going to have its challenges, especially when working with multiple stakeholders. This project involved a re-branding, a change of the target demographic, and the digitization of a paper-based organization; all for a board of directors comprised of non-digitally savvy retired health professionals. The new website required 3 different e-commerce flows, Store Purchase, Donation, and Membership Signup, which meant extra time and consideration for both UX and engineering. 


After much research, careful planning, and hours of engineering and development, the new and improved Price Pottenger website was launched. The new site boasts a modern subscription e-commerce system, which follows current digital content subscription best practices. The back-end is chock-full of advanced management tools, allowing for the easy addition and update of both free and paid content. The site delivers a beautifully responsive experience, no matter what device you are viewing it on. Best of all, PPNF is now a digital force to be reckoned with, complete with a website capable of scaling the organization to new heights for many years to come.


Content Teaser

In order to encourage memberships and signups for the free trial accounts, we built the content gate to include a teaser to the content as well as a quick way for users to sign in, or sign up in order to access the members-only content. This helped to increase the conversion rate even more, providing potential members with a glimpse of the quality content they were currently missing out on.

Practitioner Finder

Pro Members who are themselves health practitioners, have the ability to add their own office locations to the site via the user dashboard. Once added, their office shows up in a custom searchable Google map for users to find on the site.


Custom Content Import

The WordPress site that we transferred  data from was full of useful content, but the way it was organized was a mess. Not only painful to navigate through on the front-end, but also chaotic on the database side. A plethora of plugins had been used to extend the WP core in order to frankenstein the existing site to life. Trying to extract the existing content and import it into new, separate content types was quite the challenge. Additionally, the client had very ambitious import goals, including scripting existing PDFs into HTML pages, something that required serious finagling.

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