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Tragic Media has years of experience designing, building, and shipping Drupal applications (since version 6!). We know how to evaluate whether Drupal is the right CMS for your needs, and how to architect a system just for you. Contact Tragic Media today to learn about our custom Drupal development!

Advanced security and compliance

#1 CMS for Healthcare, Finance, and Government

Drupal is known for its advanced security and compliance capabilities. From PCI and HIPAA to ADA and beyond, Drupal will ensure that your organization’s data is secure and compliant.

Custom publications workflow

Software that fits your existing workflow

Drupal enables custom publication workflows that fit almost any situation. For example, drafts of new content can pass between author, editor, and publisher seamlessly. When a piece of content moves to the next step, the right people are alerted so nothing falls through the cracks.

SEO friendly

Out of the box customization of URL slugs, title tags, meta tags, alt tags, and more

Well organized

Advanced taxonomy and flexible data schema means you can get the application structure that works for your business

Private & secure

Open source, continually updated, and employs industry-leading security and privacy standards

Scalable from day one

The largest organizations in the world – including General Electric (GE) and Qualcomm – run on Drupal

Robust admin controls

Add users, define new content types, create permission-specific roles, and set custom workflows as a Drupal administrator

API ready

Headless, decoupled, or simply extend your standard experience; the Drupal 8 content management system is ready to build advanced APIs

Multi-language & locationalize

Supports multiple languages and locationalize, another benefit as your business looks to scale

Commerce & content in one

With Drupal commerce, you can manage your store and your content all from one admin dashboard.

Because of Drupal's flexibility, you can also build advanced commerce products like a content subscription web property.

Many of our favorite clients use Drupal


Headless Drupal

One CMS to rule them all

Headless CMS: A single content management system backend that can communicate with two or more front end systems via an API.

In the typical CMS world, you have to manage the entire application stack in one place. For example, editing the design of a traditional Drupal system means working within Drupal. A headless CMS breaks this mold. With a headless CMS, Drupal can manage the backend, database, and logic. With a simple REST API, that single backend to talks to websites, web apps, mobile apps, and other connected devices – like TVs.

Advanced Drupal use cases

Here for the long term

Drupal does not assume what your content is or how you want to configure it. As a result, Drupal is a fully flexible CMS that you can arrange and scale how you want. This makes Drupal ideal for highly customized work, including extending your CMS with API integrations.

In addition, due to its advanced security and workflow capabilities, we often see Drupal used to power company intranets, custom user management portals, or application management dashboards.

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