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We design, develop, and scale websites, web applications, and more for industry-leading clients.

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What we do

We are a digital development company built to support and scale complex properties through iterative, feature-focused design and development.

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What we use

We specialize in building custom digital solutions using today's leading open source technologies.

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Tranforming a paper-based health research organization to become an empowered digital force

Strategically executing drastic changes to brand, business model, and digital infrastructure, allowing a print-based business to become a modern digital enterprise, with decisions rooted in extensive research, and results that speak for themselves.

Case Study

Creating a modern job listing pwa for the fashion industry

From designing a sleek new look and feel to strategizing improvements to user flows and increasing revenue streams to architecting a modern stack hosted on the cloud; re-imagining this fashion job site as a progressive web application was no small feat.

Case Study

Re-imagining a contractor portal for a green energy giant

A co-development project working alongside Ygrene's internal technology and marketing teams, to rebuild their contractor portal and provide the tools to modernize the core of their business model, ensuring they remain leaders in the alternative energy financing field for years to come.

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Who we help

From startups to national brands, we create high quality solutions tailored to the goals and budgets of each project.

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Hit the ground running! We help entrepreneurs make smart technology choices and get to market quickly. Our robust solutions stay within your budget, and our support plans will scale up or down to match your growth.

Tragic's process is very efficient, marked by their customized approach, commitment to delivering exactly your vision, and ability to code everything from scratch.

Sean Davis, LAc, C.SMA | SD Sports Acu
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Take your brand to new heights. Our team will help you create a memorable experience for your customers.We leverage the latest technologies to increase user conversions, improve application performance, and reduce infrastructure costs.

"Thanks to Rich and his amazing team we have been able to triple our revenue, really exciting!"

Bianca Ottone, Founder and Managing Director | My Italian Family
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Finding reliable development talent is hard. We understand how to manage and scope complex digital projects. Our experience – designing, building, and testing everything from websites and video games to IoT applications – allows you to overcome project hurdles and support your clients for the long term.

Tragic has allowed us to concentrate on what we do best, which is not the technical stuff, allowing us to scale our clients and services faster than ever.

Anonymous, CEO | Unnamed Agency

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Meet your challenging requirements the first time. We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside national brands and modernize their core technologies. We have successfully collaborated with many in-house teams, and will scale our resources to create the perfect team for your project.

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Don't let your project turn into a tragedy.