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For over 10 years, we have partnered with industry-leading brands to drive growth and innovation.

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The Tragic team has built everything from consumer-facing IoT and mobile apps to mission-critical business software. No project is too big or complex. Here are just a handful of our focus areas.

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Internal Business & B2B Applications

Modernize and Optimize Infrastructure

We seamlessly extend internal teams, bringing our years of digital experience, to help your organization modernize existing infrastructure. From upgrading the user experience of existing applications to creating new applications to streamline processes to moving internal infrastructure to the cloud, our experience can help ensure your project succeed.


User & Data Management Portals

Optimize and Process Big Data

We have experience building user portals and data management applications for industry-leading brands. Big data management requires a different approach to the user experience and front-end development. Let us help you streamline your management process and bring visibility to your data.


Complex Websites & Custom E-Commerce

Create a Unique Brand Experience

The way that users interact with brands has changed. We help companies leverage modern frameworks to create custom digital experiences that scale. Better monetize content, personalize media, manage your store, and engage users through all of your digital touch-points.


Consumer & Peer-to-peer (P2P) Applications

Build a Scalable P2P System

Consumer applications have changed how we purchase products and services. Our experience building enterprise consumer & p2p solutions will ensure a scalable infrastructure for your application that can scale and pivot as needed in the future.


Cloud Hosting & Machine Learning

Take your Data to the Cloud

Let us use our deep experience to build and optimize a modern Cloud infrastructure for your organization. We can leverage the latest technologies, like machine learning, to bring new insights to your data.


Data Migrations & Third Party Integrations

Migrate and Extend your Applications

Often, keeping your infrastructure modern requires moving to a new system. We can help ensure your existing data remains intact and accessible. We can also bring years of experience integrating with 3rd party software to extend and modernize existing platforms.


Leverage Modern Platforms

Using the right platforms and frameworks is imperative to the success and long-term scaling of any digital project. We love using open source software. Open source evolves faster, stays more secure, and saves time and money when developing any custom solution.

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Deploy Cutting-Edge Technology

New technologies create an opportunity to build new and unique experiences. Our specialists will work with your company to understand which tech will have the biggest impact to engage customers, drive revenue, and streamline processes.

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Tranforming a paper-based health research organization to become an empowered digital force

Strategically executing drastic changes to brand, business model, and digital infrastructure, allowing a print-based business to become a modern digital enterprise, with decisions rooted in extensive research, and results that speak for themselves.

Case Study

Creating a modern job listing site for the fashion industry

From designing a sleek new look and feel to strategizing improvements to user flows and increasing revenue streams to architecting a modern stack hosted on the cloud; re-imagining this fashion job site as a progressive web application was no small feat.

Case Study

Re-imagining a contractor portal for a green energy giant

A co-development project working alongside Ygrene's internal technology and marketing teams, to rebuild their contractor portal and provide the tools to modernize the core of their business model, ensuring they remain leaders in the alternative energy financing field for years to come.

Case Study

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