Cocina Verify

Protecting Travelers Abroad with Better Food Safety Ratings



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Cocina Verify is a company created by Allan Daly, a frequent visitor to Latin America who struggled with finding safe restaurants during his travels. He realized that there was no organization responsible for the improvement of food safety in Latin America, and it became his personal mission to keep people safe when eating abroad. He knew that he had a daunting task in front of him, creating awareness and regulation in a so-far neglected corner of the market, and he quickly realized that he would need trusted professionals to help get his new company off the ground. Allan came to us with his vision, and the need to build an expert digital presence that both raised awareness for travelers and also attracted foreign restaurant owners to sign up for his innovative program.


The challenges of getting Cocina Verify off the ground were fairly typical of a young, start-up style company, with the additional challenge of working with a CEO who was very frequently traveling, and not always reachable by phone or email. Building his new business required Allan to be constantly in and out of restaurants in Latin America, which didn’t leave him a ton of downtime to meet and strategize about his new website. Additionally, since his business concept was so unlike any traditional company, strategizing the best approach for the design and build of the new site required careful research and planning. Finally, we needed the new site to be able to explain Allan’s idea to travelers of all ages, while also attracting Latin American restaurant owners whose primary language was not English.


We worked closely with the client to fully understand his new business concept, and to strategize the necessary features and best organization for his new site. We assisted with both website and marketing strategy, and helped Allan to build a solid foundation for his company. After the initial project, we went through several rounds of iterative enhancements to keep the site evolving with the rapidly changing needs of the startup owner. Once a base of restaurants had been trained and onboarded to the Cocina Verify program, we finally launched the new site, which provides him with an extremely adaptable foundation that can continue to evolve no matter what direction his company takes.

Digital Strategy

We helped Cocina strategize how to successfully build their business online through both initial website strategy as well as inbound strategy, while also providing guidance on leveraging their new website and Hubspot effectively.

Customer and Owner


Featured testimonials are sprinkled expertly throughout the content to add validity to the customer experience. There is also a full testimonials section which displays testimonials from businesses and consumers alike.

Custom Icons

Our designer created custom icons for restaurant properties, to improve the usability and overall visual appeal of the site.

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