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We partner with businesses to help them build, support, and scale a variety of technology solutions

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  • Finding the right technical leadership can seem like an impossible feat
  • Finding and retaining top talent is challenging (especially in 2021!)
  • Workload scales with priorities and budgets, and it's never linear
  • They do not understand how to scope or manage highly technical projects
  • They have limited, if any, in-house software developers
  • They excel at visual design, but often lack the expertise in navigating complex user experience scenarios
  • They are often engineering-focused and lack the ability to produce polished front-end designs
  • High employee turnover and low quality standards leads to poor architecture and messy code
  • Difficulties communicating effectively due to language and timezone barriers
  • They lack accountability and skin in the game
  • They have finite skills and expertise
  • They can be difficult to manage, especially when working remote
  • From cloud hosting and migrations to launching SaaS products and maintenance, companies have different development needs based on their current initiatives (or fires)
  • Unfortunately a "full stack developer" is not a unicorn that can solve any development challenge

What We Do


We provide engineering, user experience, and business strategy for our clients. All of our projects from new builds to ongoing support have data-driven strategy at their core.


Ensuring reliable client and project management is core to any long-standing consulting company. We strive to feel like a core part of your team, and work diligently to ensure the success of our clients' projects.


Whether working with your design team or one of our designers, our technical leaders collaborate with design to ensure your user experience mockups are realized in beautiful, performant software.


Our experienced team of engineers ensure expertise across a wide-range of technologies, frameworks, and industries. Whether we are building new products or providing ongoing support, our team has the experience needed for success.


Great testing services are core to the success of any software product. From writing user stories to building automated test cases, we provide reliable testing services.

Our Process

We build products and provide
support in iterative agile sprints.

Dynamic Teams

We structure our team based on your teams, project requirements, and the evolving needs of your brand. We can instantly scale up or down, always providing the support you need and nothing more.

Iterative Approach

We leverage iterative agile sprints for both new projects and ongoing support. We work closely with our clients to outline needs and budgets early, and then we pivot and adjust as needed to ensure maximum support with minimal red tape.

High Level Scoping, Detailed Delivery

We scope our projects at a very high level, providing an estimated range of cost based on initial understanding of the requirements. As we work through initial discovery/strategy, we get more granular with each sprint’s focus and deliverables.


Why Choose Tragic

We help businesses of all shapes and sizes, but here are some situations that align well with our services.

Non-Technical Founders

Having trouble finding a technical co-founder? Overwhelmed by building your own engineering team? Fear not, Tragic is a perfect solution to help you launch an enterprise-ready startup.

Ongoing Support For Multiple Projects

Have multiple digital properties that you need to support? Looking for a team that can help with WordPress, Shopify, hosting, and custom integrations or migrations? We have experience with all of the above – and much more.

Companies That Want to Build Software, Not a Software Team

Many businesses have the need for custom software, but not every business wants to build and support an engineering team. Tragic is the perfect augmentation for your internal business and marketing teams.

No Internal Bandwidth

Do you need a project done, but your internal engineering and design teams are maxed out? Trust in Tragic and we will ensure your project gets completed successfully and is properly documented for handoff to your internal team.

New Technology Solutions

Looking to build a cutting-edge solution? Want to leverage augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, or more? We have partnered with startups and Fortune 500s to deliver these results.

Trusted, Value-Driven Team

We live and die by our clients, and their success is our success. We are always looking for ways to help our clients save money, scale smarter, and grow bigger. We want to become a trusted part of your company’s growth.


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Preventing tech tragedies since 2009