We Solve Complex Problems Using Modern Technologies

Tragic is a San Diego based digital technology company focused on engineering cloud-driven web, mobile, and IoT solutions. We partner with our clients to build solutions to solve problems, increase efficiencies, and create new user experiences. Our services are built around your needs, budget, and timeline; and our team of experts ensures top-notch user experience, visual design, and build quality. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and scalable solutions for our clients- thinking outside the box and averting digital tragedies.

Industry Experience

Given our experience partnering with other agencies, we have a diverse range of industry experience.






Consumer Electronics



Your Technology Partner

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes to strategize, design, develop, and scale cutting-edge software solutions.


We partner with non-technical founders, providing innovative design and technology teams to help build and scale enterprise-grade products.

Growing Businesses

Want to build custom software, not a software team? We are the perfect solution to augment your internal resources.


We started as a white-label technical resource for design and marketing agencies, and still partner with select agencies to help deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients. Learn More

Enterprise Firms

We help large companies that are lacking internal bandwidth, or have a project that requires a modern design and technology architecture.

We Leverage Today's Leading Technologies

We pride ourselves on the versatility of technologies that our small team is able to expertly leverage. We take the time to understand our client's brands, functional needs, and long-term goals so that we can choose the perfect platform to architect their project.

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  • A flexible open source CMS focused on security and scalability, great for building complex websites, applications, and back-end portals.

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Don't let your project turn into a tragedy.