Revolutionizing How Prescription Eyewear is Purchased Online




SportRx is a leading online custom eyeglass store that specializes in prescription sunglasses and goggles. They have hundreds of different products on their website, and a very high number of daily visitors and purchases. They came to us in 2013 after having big issues with their existing agency during the launch of their Magento 1 platform. They specifically came to us looking for a local agency that could provide the expertise and dependability to help them scale their growing online store.


The challenges that SportRx has brought to us over the years have been varied, and rooted in their struggles and triumphs as they grew to become an industry leader. They have dealt with very rapid growth, both online and internally, and over the years have expanded their internal team to include all aspects of their business including both marketing and SEO. However, SportRx knew that to stay near the top of the pack, they would need to continue to heavily rely on their superior site technology and excellent user experience. They needed an agency that could keep up with the evolving needs of their rapidly expanding business, and significantly improve the technology, design, and user experience of their massive Magento store.


In the years that we have supported SportRx’s site, they have grown to dominate the prescription eyewear space and now provide branded prescription e-commerce stores for many leading eyewear brands. Since they have our team of experts to rely on, they have been able to swiftly make any iterative changes that they deemed necessary, a strategic advantage over in-house teams which often move much more slowly and are built in a less scalable manner. Sportrx has pulled all of their other external teams in-house, but continue to rely on Tragic due to our vast digital expertise and our strategically scalable services. We are responsible for management and upgrades to their full website and blog. We work with them in a very agile manner, and often iterate on existing pages and functionality, ensuring that their site remains fresh and on the cutting edge of technological advancements.



After we completed our responsive redesign, we went back and spent time optimizing both front and back-end performance of Magento in order to decrease page load time, and ttfb (time to first byte). 


Sales Reporting

We extended the Magento reporting system to allow for more advanced and detailed sales reporting, something that was very valuable to their sales team to help drive additional revenue and stay competitive. 


Growth Driven Maintenance

We have supported SportRx since 2013, and have provided them with ongoing scalable maintenance, allowing flexibility depending on their budget, seasonal needs, and changing priorities. 

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