My Italian Family

Growing a Small Italian-American Business into a Digital Research Empire



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Founded in 2000, My Italian Family specializes in connecting people who have Italian heritage to their roots back in Italy. The company offers family research and dual citizenship services. They also assist families looking to request documents from the Italian government.

Approximately 25 million Italians have migrated from their homelands since 1880. This amazing figure provides a large opportunity to reconnect customers to their Italian ancestors, living relatives, and much more. Since founding My Italian Family, founder Bianca Ottone and her staff have helped thousands of families learn more about their heritage.

With its staff dedicated to providing research and an excellent customer service, My Italian Family needed a technical team to help them migrate from a messy Miva installation to a more flexible content management system (CMS) with ecommerce functionality.

We are pleased to say Tragic Media has been their trusted technical partner for 6 years and counting!


My Italian Family offers a high-touch, highly-personal service. The client journey is long – from having site visitors understand the services available to being able to educate themselves on which offering suits their needs.

Depending on the offering, a considerable amount of research and paperwork must be completed by the My Italian Family staff to provide the service. Thus, educating a customer about the details, requirements, and timeline for the service they are purchasing is not as easy as with other online services.

One of our largest challenges has been helping My Italian Family better package and position the each service. A second challenge is that Bianca is a small business owner, so she has to balance growing the My Italian Family website with the resources available.


Tragic Media has been able to help My Italian Family build and scale their nuanced service offering.

Specifically, we:

Transitioned from an "out-the-box" platform that was bursting at the seams to a customized Drupal content management system.

Migrated from a low-performance, high-cost hosting provider to Google Cloud – which significantly lowered their monthly bill while also increasing their performance!

Redefined the content architecture and purchase process on the site (first when migrating from Miva, and more recently in a massive overhaul) to increase conversions, drive sales, and support new service offerings.


Re-creating a website from Start to Finish can be quite challenging; you need a company who understands your business model and can help you identify which areas (i.e. pages) are key to attract more people and eventually turn them into paying customers. Tragic Media did just that and for the last five years we have been working together to expand our business with more services. A website is not just a store with a shopping cart, it is your main window to attract your customers. Thanks to Rich and his amazing team we have been able to triple our revenue, really exciting!

Bianca Ottone | Founder and Managing Director


Product Administration

Working hand-in-hand with My Italian Family, we built completely configurable product administration capabilities. As a result, the My Italian Family team can create multiple product customization flows with ease. These flows allow users to more easily compare, bundle, and purchase services on the website. Site administrators can also configure upsell products, like telephone consultations, depending upon what the user has added to their cart.

This is just one example of the capabilities that are available to businesses when they look beyond "out-of-the-box" ecommerce solutions.


Growth Support

Tragic Media understands how modern software is developed. Instead of relying on a "major overhaul" every few years, Tragic Media works alongside our clients to continually provide improvements based on goals and available budget.

Our iterative approach allows for quicker implementation and more ability to pivot and adapt to changing markets. This approach allows us to stay close to the client and their customers, so we are continually improving and optimizing the user experience.


Tragic Media and worked closely with the My Italian Family team to understand their product offerings, customers, and current technology. With this knowledge, we have embarked on a number of projects together over the past 6 years.

We have been Bianca’s digital partner and led the transformation from Miva to a custom Drupal installation, the migration to Google Cloud, the launch of a mobile-responsive website, and much more.

Since our initial engagement with My Italian Family, their business has grown over 3x larger!

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