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Job Board Refactor for Free Fashion Internships

Overview was launched in 2007 and is an industry-leading source for fashion internships. Thousands of visitors access the site every month to find and apply for a variety of internship opportunities in the fashion industry. Both the functionality and user experience (UX) required improvement, along with a redesign of the back-end management features from a previous development team. After being let down by a previous development team, the founder came to us needing a team with cutting-edge ideas that were dependable and responsive. 


With tens of thousands of users and internships that already existed on the site, this project required a hefty migration. When building on top of an existing website or application, including and upgrading previous site functionality is an important factor to the development process and can also be a big challenge when moving to an entirely new platform. Additionally, there were special feature requirements for both users and the admin. Not only did users require unique functionality to customize their dashboards, but the administrator needed easy-to-use management tools to successfully scale and market the growing site.


To keep the design as light as possible without losing valuable data we imported 50k active accounts, 500 internships, and built the site in Drupal 8.

  • Imported Existing User Records
  • Implemented Intern/Employer User Dashboards
  • Optimized Payment Opportunities & Strategies
  • Built Custom Reporting View
  • Created Editable User & Data Records


A flexible open source CMS focused on security and scalability, great for building complex websites, applications, and back-end portals.

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A Javascript framework built by Google used for building scalable web, mobile, and desktop applications.

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The goal of the redesign was to increase income from the site and the result of the project was a beautiful progressive web application that gave the site owner complete control over content, pricing, users, and marketing. Six months after the website launch, the client reported having increased sales on the new site over 50% compared to the prior year. The site optimizes modern browser capabilities for a sleek and intuitive experience for interns and growing fashion brands.

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