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Website Redesign for San Diego Sports Acupuncture


SD Sports Acupuncture was originally built with a custom Drupal theme that underwent two major design iterations and several iterative updates. With the new site, we wanted to leverage a modern technology stack that reduced the amount of ongoing security updates for the small business.


This project did not present many challenges. The client had a clear vision, flexible timeline, and enough budget to put the necessary effort to produce a great product.


The new site was created with a strategic approach to better position the brand for increased search optimization, strong lead conversion, minimized security support, and a modern user experience across all devices.

  • Brand: Updated the brand colors to better align with the sports market, included a photoshoot for authentic site imagery, and updated marketing materials such as newsletter, business cards, and paper collateral.
  • Design: Re-imagined the site with a strong basis on content strategy and modern visual aesthetics.

  • Development: A modern decoupled architecture built with Contentful + Gatsby, hosted on static file storage, supported by  a sleek continuous deployment (CD) pipeline on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


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The client was blown away with how we were able to update his website to deliver a stronger conversion funnel, increased SEO value and strong brand visuals.

He remarked on the great user experience created by the lightning fast combination of Gatsby front-end and Contentful back-end. Like most small businesses, SD Sports was hit extremely hard by Covid-19. But the company used that time to invest in their brand, elevate their digital experience, and upgrade their marketing arsenal to help them bounce back better, stronger, and faster.

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