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Faveo is a San Diego startup started by two local marines, frustrated with the difficulty of finding movers for their frequent moves, and wanting to build a disruptive moving company that could provide a modern way to help people move. They had their iOS app built by a team in Argentina, but desired to work with a local agency that could create a strongly branded website to attract both consumers and contractors for their new business.


Faveo came to us with the expected limited start-up budget and rushed timeline. They needed a multi-targeted website which would be able to attract both customers and employees, and the site messaging needed to speak to every user, even when they were navigating the website for different reasons. Additionally, we had to work with their overseas team to integrate the website with the app’s poorly documented API. But the real challenge came immediately after building the website, when we realized that the app team had not built any management tools to track jobs or pay employees. We had to swiftly build out the admin side of their app, into their new website, while still working within their timeline and budget.


We were able to build for the Faveo team, a beautiful, responsive website that helps generate leads to keep their business growing. The new site is integrated with their existing application, allowing customers to manage their accounts and movers to sign up as contractors. The website handles new employee onboarding, background checks, paying employees, and tracking who is working on what job. We put the power to grow their business into Faveo’s hands, and did it all on a very quick timeline and tight budget. 

Integrated with application API

We integrated with the iOS REST API and provided consultation to the overseas application team to improve the API for future scalability.


Google Cloud hosting

We launched the site on the Google cloud and configured it to minimize cost and maximize scalability.


Contractor payments

Contractor hours logged into the iOS application are pulled into Drupal, allowing admins to review and pay the contractors via Stripe with a single click.

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