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Employee Intranet for Welk Resorts


Welk Resorts was in the process of aligning their web properties with the Drupal CMS. In parallel, they wanted to build a new intranet to centralize internal communications and announcements and to provide more of a sense of pride and cohesion among employees from different resort locations.


  • The site needed to integrate with Okta single sign-on (SSO), but the existing Drupal modules available were not sufficient. In the end, we had to extend the Drupal Okta module with our own custom integration code.
  • There were some issues with the project scope. We were supposed to leverage a pre-built theme to save on time. Unfortunately, we let stakeholders and design run unrestricted and, in the end, the theme became more of a hindrance than a help. We also agreed to include an unscoped Solr integration before uncovering all of the Okta issues, which led to a project overage.
  • We did encounter some delays in timeline and increase in our deliverables due to their internal teams running low on bandwidth. As a result, we inherited the DevOps responsibilities and had to spin up a Kubernetes environment on Google Cloud Platform.


The solution leverages Drupal, a custom Okta integration, and a modern infrastructure built on Kubernetes.

  • UI/UX: Custom design and features based around needs of stakeholders
  • Frontend: Built a custom sub-theme for a prebuilt Drupal theme

  • Backend: Okta integration, Solr search integration, publication workflow
  • Devops: Kubernetes on GCP running Docker containers


A flexible open source CMS focused on security and scalability, great for building complex websites, applications, and back-end portals.

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Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications

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The new intranet serves as the homepage for all employees across all locations when launching a browser on the Welk network. Stakeholders now have a means to make announcements and to increase employee-engagement. 

Moreover, a new publication pipeline allows the organization to scale marketing efforts while retaining top-level approval on all content. The intranet launched right before Covid-19, and it proved an imperative tool as the cornerstone for employee communication throughout the pandemic.

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