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Scaling a Shopify Store for Skybound Entertainment


As the engineering partner for Skybound, we helped solve the challenges of enterprise logistic integrations into Shopify as they scaled up their ecommerce business. During these growth initiatives we gathered business goals, researched options (when needed), led technical conversations, and supported both internal warehouse and external fulfillment vendors.


When managing an enterprise store and coordinating between internal and 3rd party teams, there are plenty of challenges that arise! Generally, the main problems to overcome are deadlines, technology limitations, performance, and conflicts from multiple integration solutions


We have helped Skybound to update, grow,and optimize their Shopify store. Some of our bigger initiatives included..

  • Coordinated moving from an internal warehouse to a 3PL
  • Advanced issue troubleshooting with vendors including Printful, Flow, and Skuvault
  • Plugin audit and theme optimization
  • API integration for sales reports in data warehouse
  • Search product schema resolutions


 E-Commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems

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Providing technical leadership for a company experiencing fast-paced growth and pivoting amidst a pandemic is always a fun challenge. With Skybound, we leverage our deep experience in ecommerce backed by a senior team of engineers to help them make quick, well-informed decisions to support their quick pivots and ever-changing needs.

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