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LEGO Movie Game for Piston Agency


The Lego Group is a Danish toy manufacturer founded in 1932. The 80-year-old company is famous for making, well, Legos. Their success from the original plastic toys spread into video games, board games, theme parks, books, and much more.


The Lego Group wanted to create several interactive web games to promote The LEGO Movie. Their ambitious goals came paired with a tight timeline, which is how Piston Agency and Tragic Media came together. They wanted the expertise of an experienced digital agency and a technical team that could turn their visions into reality.


We collaborated closely with Piston to hit the aggressive timeline.

  • We brainstormed the best solution and decided to leverage the leading web application framework of its time, AngularJS, and use CSS animations to keep the interface lightweight for Facebook.
  • The Piston team dropped us a huge amount of design files and instructions on the requirements. Our team built and tested the 3 LEGO games in record time.


A Javascript framework built by Google used for building scalable web, mobile, and desktop applications.

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Tragic Media led strategy, design, web development, and project management for three web and Facebook games. These releases had to coincide with the upcoming movie release, and the applications had to scale down to work within the requirements of Facebook apps in 2014. We worked closely with design leads and development operations (DevOps) from The Piston Agency, while leading the development strategy and implementation to ensure deadlines were met. Along the way, we made sure to incorporate easter eggs and content sharing bonuses to increase engagement with our audience.



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