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Cloud Hosting Migration for Balboa Park Online Collaborative


As part of our ongoing support for BPOC, we looked to update and centralize their disparate infrastructure. Our recommendation was to consolidate sites on Linode and AWS onto more optimized infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We assisted the organization as they vetted existing properties, then we added content delivery networks (CDNs) and migrated all active properties to GCP.


All migrations on active sites have the standard risk of challenges. In addition, BPOC had over 84 domains that they support that had to be combed through to determine hosting, status, and whether it should be migrated.


First, we moved all active domains to CloudFlare’s CDN for added performance and monthly cost saving. Then we migrated their four main properties from AWS and Linode to GCP. Then, we archived and shut down the old instances.


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    In the end, we saved BPOC 33% per month just by moving and optimizing their existing cloud infrastructure. In addition, we were able to improve their website performance and consolidate their infrastructure for easier ongoing support.

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