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Website Redesign for Pokez


Pokez Mexican restaurant is an award winning family owned establishment offering authentic Mexican cuisine for meat eaters and vegans alike. First opened in 1994, Pokez has been a San Diego staple for many years. Tragic first started helping Pokez in 2016 when we rebuilt their website and helped them with their Google Business account. In 2019 we decided it was time for a fresh visual and CMS solution.


Pokez is a small family-owned business and had a tight budget for the project. We had to not only re-imagine the visual design, but also migrate their Wordpress backend to a more secure and modern solution.


A modern visual and technical experience

  • We reimagined the site in a fresh and modern way. Elevating the experience, while keeping the fun vibe that is core to the brand
  • We brought in a photographer to capture the food and atmosphere
  • We rebuilt the Wordpress site on a modern Contentful + Gatsby architecture


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The new site is lightning fast, responsive, and offers a great experience for hungry patrons looking for authentic Mexican food while exploring San Diego. The site also properly exemplifies the brand and showcases the great experience at the establishment.

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