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From Idea to MVP for Soil


Soil is a tech startup whose mission is to cultivate communities that change the world. Their software platform connects nonprofit organizations and their members. The goal is to develop a single platform that introduces nonprofits to new donors and volunteers while streamlining their back-office operations.


The Soil team was excited to solve this problem but had several possible paths to pursue. They also had many feature ideas that stem from their experience being donors and receipts of nonprofit marketing in the past. Furthermore, they had a timeline and budget to meet. We had to meet the deadlines while having an eye for the future.


Tragic brought design, project management, and technical resources to the table.

  • For the first month, the conversation focused on understanding the scope and the competitive differentiation.
  • After that, we shifted to build out the UX and prioritize critical features.
  • This is a robust platform that handles discovery, marketing, fundraising, and events.


An open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

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An open source PHP framework designed for rapid prototyping.

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We worked collaboratively with the founding team to strategize and launch a cohesive MVP of the Soil platform on a budget. We then transitioned to scalable post-launch feature development. The Soil team has big ambitions, and we look forward to supporting them as they head for the moon.

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