Engineering Support for a Digital Non-Profit





Years Serviced

> 5

Ongoing Engineering Support for Balboa Park Online Collaborative


We supported BPOC with their multitude of online projects, including: Drupal + WordPress CMS websites, Laravel applications, cloud hosting, and more. Requests have ranged from troubleshooting Balboa Park kiosk issues and optimizing application performance to performing security updates and adding new features to existing websites.


As with all small businesses (especially non-profits), we have to manage requests, fires, and ensure support of their digital properties while working within our monthly budgets.


The products are already in place. It is our job to support, optimize, and grow the technologies that have already been developed. We often:

  • Perform regular security updates
  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot and solve bugs
  • Implement new features
  • Assist in building product roadmaps


An open source CMS great for creating blogs or simple websites.

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An open source PHP framework designed for rapid prototyping.

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High performance, scalable virtual machines built for all of your cloud computing needs.

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Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

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Through the initial course of our engagement, we were able to provide long overdue security updates for all of their websites, support them with internal park kiosk issues, fix several existing website bugs, and assist in adding new features to multiple sites. We continue to support the organization with everything from troubleshooting to security patches to partnering on new projects.

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