We live, breath, and build technology

Since 2009 Tragic has worked with founders, small businesses, and enterprise orgs to strategize, build, and scale technology solutions of all shapes and sizes.

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Brothers From Another Mother

40+ years of combined technology leadership.

As Close to "In-house" as You Can Get

We were recommended to Tragic for help migrating our various software systems from Rackspace to AWS. Rich and his team had such great communication and expertise, and the relationship worked so well, that we continued to engage with them for now over 4 years. Tragic works with us as close to "in house" as you can get from an outside vendor.

Bob Rademacher | CIO | Skybound Entertainment

A Rarity in Agency Services

I've been working with Rich and his team for the last decade because I can trust they will always deliver. Most agencies can sell, but fail to execute. One percent of agencies sell and actually execute. A small subset of that one percent actually care about the final success of the end product. Tragic is part of that elite percentile.

DAN HUSS | CEO | GravityAI

A Great Partner

We increased revenue by 50% in June and July in comparison to the year prior! I know you mainly hear from clients (me) when something is wrong. Thank you for being a great partner.

Carla Carstens | Founder | Free Fashion Internships

A Tragic History

Supporting businesses and founders since 2009

Rich Rudzinski left his position as a javascript developer at a prominent San Diego agency to start Tragic in 2009. Rich saw a growing gap in the digital service landscape for a development agency focused on providing technical strategy backed by reliable, experienced resources.

Over the years the company's solutions and approach have evolved, but our focus in partnering with startups and growing businesses to manage their technology roadmap has not.

Experienced, Reliable, Knowledgeable

  • +Design, development, and cloud resources
  • +Remote, senior stacked team
  • +Diverse platform and framework expertise

Partnerships and Associations

  • Clutch Partner
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Shopify Partners

Rich Rudzinski

Founder | Fractional CPO / CTO

Rich has been infatuated with computers from the time he first locked eyes on the sweet 486 Windows machine his uncle got his family in the early 90s. He broke, fixed, and gamed on that computer until he saved enough to build his own machine from scratch. The top of his class in high school, Rich followed his passion for computers while studying at UCSD where he graduated early with an innovative art/technology major (ICAM), which focused on building interactive experiences with new technologies.

After college, Rich worked as a web consultant before becoming a front-end developer at Digitaria (now the global digital agency Mirum). It was at Digitaria that Rich cut his teeth in the web industry, quickly rising to become a master of the front-end, focusing on Drupal and custom Javascript development. After a couple years, Rich began feeling constrained by the growth ceiling of his role, and decided to strike out on his own. He quickly identified a need in the industry for a trusted, scalable engineering firm to help agencies and businesses with technical website projects. 

Rich created Tragic in 2009, first focusing as a white-label development consultants for agencies across the US. After several years, the company pivoted to helping growing businesses and startups solve their biggest technology challenges from websites to applications to the cloud to IoT and beyond.

Rich brings over 15+ years of enterprise software development and consulting, a focus on solving problems and streamlining processes with software, and the unique ability to translate very technical concepts to non-technical leads. Clients Rich has worked with include Under Armor, Pixar, WD-40, FIS, Benihana, Iron Man, Intel, The Baltimore Ravens, The Atlanta Falcons, Lego, Burger King, and Qualcomm.

Preventing tech tragedies since 2009