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We're digital geeks who love what we do

Tragic Media is a San Diego-based digital technology agency, focused on creating intuitive software experiences that scale across all devices.

We are a small, high-performance team that takes pride in our innovative solutions, and long-term support plans built to help our clients grow.  Our strength is in working collaboratively with internal stakeholders to strategize, design, develop, and scale innovative solutions that drive real business value.

Whether you are interested in modernizing your existing infrastructure or starting a new company, we can help. Don't let your next software project turn into a tragedy!

A Tragic History

Tragic Media was founded in 2009 by Rich Rudzinski after leaving his job at a large national agency in San Diego. Rich saw a growing gap in the digital service landscape. Existing marketing and design agencies were ill-equiped to scope and manage the growing complexity of emerging technologies.

He saw the "tragic" way that client projects were treated at these agencies, either being outsourced and poorly built overseas or hobbled together by under-skilled internal resources. Ultimately the solutions that were delivered were riddled with technical debt, and not built to scale.

Initially Tragic served as a white-label resource for other agencies, helping to save them from their own development tragedies. Slowly, the company pivoted to bring trusted, reliable software development services directly to businesses.

Over the last decade, Rich has built a team of technical experts - and more importantly a brand - focused on providing expert technical support and solutions for companies of all sizes.

Partnerships and Associations

  • Drupal Association
  • Clutch Partner
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Avalara Partner

Leadership Team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Rich Rudzinski

Digital Warlock

Rich has been infatuated with computers from the time he first locked eyes on the sweet 486 Windows machine his uncle got his family in the early 90s. He broke, fixed, and gamed on that computer until he saved enough to build his own machine from scratch. The top of his class in high school, Rich followed his passion for computers while studying at UCSD where he graduated early with an innovative art/technology major (ICAM), with a focus on budding web technologies.

After a brief stint as an audio engineer out of college, Rich found his way back to his first love, becoming a front-end developer at Digitaria (now the global digital agency Mirum). It was at Digitaria that Rich honed his web skills and became a master of front-end, focusing on Drupal and custom Javascript development. After a couple years, Rich began feeling constrained by the growth ceiling of his role, and decided to strike out on his own. He quickly discovered his niche as a white-label development consultants for local and national agencies, building a team of highly skilled individuals to help him build the company that is Tragic Media today.

Clients Rich has worked with include Under Armor, Pixar, WD-40, Iron Man, Intel, The Baltimore Ravens, The Atlanta Falcons, Lego, Burger King, and Qualcomm.

Don't let your project turn into a tragedy.