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Legal Client Portal for MGFD Law Firm


MGFD wanted to create a client portal to increase client visibility, create efficiencies, and grow value for the firm. They envisioned an interface where clients could log in and see the current status of their evictions, submit new evictions, and pay bills. This portal needed to integrate with their internal MS Access back-office system to pull in client data points.


The main challenges with the project were in building a strong initial base to iterate on with limited upfront budget. Along with the back-office integration. We had to brainstorm the best method for the integration, as well as work with their internal developer to overcome several data obstacles that arose.


We built a strong MVP for MGFD Law leveraging the Laravel framework. We saved time by limiting design and leveraging a basic admin theme for the portal. That allowed us to focus our efforts on the basic functional experience to ensure a sound product.

  • Built with Laravel

  • Integrated with MS Access

  • Leveraged pre-built admin theme

  • Created custom form flows

  • Integrated with Stripe for bill pay processing


An open source PHP framework designed for rapid prototyping.

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The online portal and bill payment has been a big success! MGFD shared that this portal has been a huge differentiator for their business, allowing them to out-deliver their competition. Clients get up-to-date visibility about their legal processing, pay bills, and submit new requests.

MGFD has experienced new efficiencies, by reducing the amount of manual payments, email requests, and weekly client communication.

Being that this was a small non-technical client, we needed to build a system that was cost-effective and could be managed with limited ongoing support. The bulk of our work focused on understanding the current problems and providing a streamlined, digital process that suited the needs of the attorneys, administrative team, and clients.

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