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Shopify Theme Redesign for Arnett Credentials


Arnett came to Tragic looking to redesign its Shopify theme with the main goals of improving the site experience, elevating brand awareness, better-showcase product offerings and stre, and creating a stronger user flow to support its marketing efforts.


It is always challenging to rework an existing software product that you did not create. You never know all of the issues or how stable the existing configuration is until you get deep inside. Since the client was actively selling products, we wanted to implement a redesign that mitigated the impact on their day-to-day operations and required minimal content migration for launch.


We combined our research of other e-commerce stores of similar size along with our industry knowledge and user experience best practices to design and develop a sleek responsive Shopify theme. 

  • Our iterative design approach started with UX, working closely with the client, and moving quickly into UI
  • We refactored the existing Shopify theme to minimize content migration for launch
  • Thorough cross-browser QA is essential for any modern store experience


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The final results have been met with great review both by the client, their marketing team, and their customers. The data trends are strong, and we continue to monitor and iterate on any data-driven improvements needed.

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