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With the largest market share of all other e-commerce platforms in the US, Shopify had more than two-million online vendors using its platform as their point of sale at the start of 2022. Whether you’re looking to create an online store or migrate to a new one, Tragic Media’s shopify development services can get your online store fresh start with Shopify.

What Is Shopify Development?

Shopify development services allow you to launch your online store, reach larger audiences, and remain competitive in the surging eCommerce market with countless design templates, seamless integration capabilities, and robust analytics. Maximize your online store with one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world and try our Shopify development services today!

  • Migrate Or Develop A Store In ShopifyWhether you’re migrating an existing e-commerce store to Shopify or developing a new one, our team of Shopify development experts can help you design, develop, and launch a modern online store with Shopify. 
  • Integrations Optimize your B2C transactions and enhance the customer experience with custom shopify integration services. Our team of Shopify experts specializes in many integrations including fulfillment processing, third-party payment gateways, enterprise resource planning (ERP), IoT payments, point-of-service (POS) systems, and more. 
  • Theme DesignShopify offers many free or cost-effective themes from the community, but if you’re looking to set your store experience apart from your competition, a custom theme is a way to go. Our e-commerce design and development experts can create and build an optimized experience for your brand and products.
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management Inventory management and tracking is a great way to automate your warehouse metrics to remain up to date without manual processing. If you’re looking to integrate with a new fulfillment system, consider working with our team of shopify development experts. 
  • eCommerce Optimization If you’re looking to make tweaks to your e-commerce store but don’t know where to start, then consider e-commerce store optimization. Our team of e-commerce experts can optimize your existing store with minor adjustments for maximum impact. 
  • Plugin AuditsYour Shopify store’s performance can be inhibited by old or inefficient plugins. Our team of digital experts at Tragic Media conduct robust plugin audits to eliminate plugins that are outdated, inefficient and potential security risks for your company. 
  • Custom Shopify Plugin DevelopmentShopify is a robust platform with a great community, but sometimes you need a custom backend solution to solve a specific problem for your company. Expanding the capabilities of your Shopify store is a core element to standing out against competitors and solidifying commitment from your customers. 

Our Shopify Process

Tragic Media’s team of Shopify experts has years of experience building, integrating, and extending the Shopify platform. We build our team based on the technology and engagement needs of each client. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of your internal team. 

Our process:


Review the existing store infrastructure including the theme, payment configuration, fulfillment process, and any other integrations

Outline the requirements and develop a timeline

We work to understand the needs for your Shopify project, we do the necessary discovery for any new integrations, and we establish a proper estimate and timeline

Shopify theme design and integration development

After putting together the right team for your project, we work iteratively, and collaboratively with your team, to execute high-end Shopify solutions

Test and optimize

After development, we thoroughly test and optimize the solution


Once approved, we go live.

Support and Grow

After the deployment, we are available for ongoing iterative updates and enhancements to further support growing your Shopify storefront.

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Our Shopify devs are experienced with both the standard and Pro versions

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We have experience designing, developing, and integrating eCommerce solutions from beginning to end

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Payment gateways, Fulfillment integrations, and more. Need a custom integration? Look no further.

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Our team is stacked with advanced experts with 15+ years of industry experience.

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We specialize in serverless & Kubernetes cloud architecture.

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No corporate hierarchy or disparate teams.

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A fully remote team of senior-level software, cloud, and design experts.

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We don't reproduce the same shit. Your product is built for you and you alone.

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We build a dedicated team around the specific needs of your project.

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*Building credibility around shopify development / expertise / SEO keyterms around Shopify Choosing a backend system is a delicate balance of expertise, platform stability/community size, subscription cost, implementation cost, and project requirements. We can help with every layer of your ecommerce suite.

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