Design Services

We provide strategy driven design services focused on creating new experiences for web, mobile, and beyond. Our customer-first approach prioritizes user experience (UX) design to ensure a strong foundation and user flow before diving into user interface (UI) design. We also provide validation through our user testing services to pinpoint product-market fit and make it easy to gather and analyze feedback. With more than a decade of experience designing complex, scalable interfaces, our team of senior UX and UI designers can help your business create the right user experience based on your customers location, devices, and goals when interacting with your software solution.

Keep Your Design from Becoming a Tragedy

Tragic's team of digital design experts have years of experience leading design for a variety of industries and brands of all sizes. We don't provide one-size-fits-all or cookie cutter solutions, each design is crafted based on the data, users, and goals of each client. We work to be a seamless extension of your team, and can even collaborate with internal design resources.

  • Complex User Flows: We make complex user experiences intuitive and engaging
  • Accessible Designs: Our designers follow WCAG accessibility best practices
  • Senior Stacked: Our team is stacked with advanced experts with 6-20 years of industry experience
  • Scalable Engagements: We cater our design process based on your goals, budget, and timeline
  • Small Business: No corporate hierarchy or disparate teams
  • US-based Team: Remote team of senior-level software, cloud, and design experts
  • 1-of-1 Products: We never reproduce the same shit. Your product is built for you and you alone 
  • Optimized Team Augmentation: We build a dedicated team around the specific needs of your project.

Our Design Clients

Our Engagement Models

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Ongoing Team Augmentation

Let our team become your team. We integrate deeply with our clients to act as true partners, collaborating and communicating with internal teams on your platforms (or ours). Our flexible ongoing engagements maximize success by providing a powerhouse, on-demand resources and technical leadership to augment your internal teams at whatever capacity you need.

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Project Build

We provide expert resources to execute your overflow projects, or unbind internal teams for a fixed engagement. Our project builds are less iterative and approached closer to traditional waterfall, where we spend more time outlining and scoping a strictly defined engagement. We can work under whatever limitations be it time or budget constraints to ensure maximum success for your project.

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Our Process

Tragic Media’s team of digital experts have over a decade of experience as technical leaders for a variety of industries including startups, growing mid-market businesses, and enterprise firms. We build our team based on the technology and engagement needs of each client. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of your internal team. We help businesses of all sizes build modern, scalable frontend development solutions.

Our process:

Choose a Technology

We help our clients choose the right solution for their project.

Develop a roadmap and timeline

We outline the application or theme pages and components and build an estimate. We then break this down into sprints and develop a timeline.

Built iteratively


Pivot if needed

By keeping in close communication with our clients, we are able to pivot when needed to ensure the best solution is built

Test and optimize

After development, we thoroughly test the frontend solution cross-browser and optimize it for performance

Deploy and monetize

Once approved, we go live. After the deployment, we monitor the new interface for any performance or UX issues.


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