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Workforce Management App for Oversight


Oversight is a workforce management system built to make it easier for agency leadership to manage people, projects, and productivity. After twelve years of failed experiences with workforce management systems, Tragic Media wanted to build its own. We wanted the tool to simplify project management tasks for remote and hybrid teams by tracking productivity, automating tasks, and unifying data from existing applications.


Executing the timelines for beta was a primary challenge with building the workforce management system for Oversight. Because we balanced client projects along with internal ones, our design team was spread thin and deadlines were extended.


The end product was a refined user interface with modular system components to allow users to customize the product to meet their specific needs. The backend consumes and quantifies data from integrations including project management, time tracking, invoicing, code management, design, and more. Other solutions included:

  • AI-enabled scoring and forecasting to provide managers with deep insights at a glance.
  • A robust notification system that allows users to automate and prioritize the notifications that matter most.
  • A sleek front-end that visualizes data and updates and filters resources based on user needs.
  • A customizable interface with advanced normalization, analysis, and presentation of huge amounts of data.


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Oversight is just getting started. The new workforce management application will launch in Q4 2022 and will be an asset to agency owners and project managers. Not only does Oversight save them time, but it provides them with deeper insights into how their team, projects, and company are performing

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