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Serverless CMS Website for Oversight


The next big project for Oversight was launching the serverless CMS website. We had multiple components of the project occurring at once, like designing the beta, building social, and making sure all of the features and functionality were seamless. On top of this, we wanted to get a website published to post blogs and generate leads for beta users. Oversight’s website went live in early 2022 and then we later connected it with the CMS, Contentful.


One of the challenges with launching the serverless CMS website for Oversight was have a landing page to educate customers on Oversight’s value proposition and educate users on project management tips with the blog. We wanted to get something up quick so that we could iteratively follow up with more content later. After the first iteration, the Oversight website required more robust design and so did the feature pages.


We built the oversight website in the most iterative fashion possible. We started with a splash page, expanded into a basic website, integrated the Contentful CMS, and then redesigned several pages to support a growing content architecture. Other solutions included:

  • A performance-first implementation that leverages a static site generator and headless CMS.
  • A design that puts the content and solutions in the foreground and supports it with strong brand imagery.
  • An iterative website built to support Oversight’s growing content.


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The result is a sleek, performance-forward website for Oversight! The implementation of a static site generator and headless CMS has made content managemen a breeze, allowing both the design and content marketing teams to work collaboratively. 

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