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Intuit is a well-known accounting and tax software company, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, with a presence in 8 countries globally. They came to Tragic in 2015 for help re-building two of their existing tax applications, needing to add man-power and expertise to their in-house team. Intuit's existing applications weren't responsive, so users were restricted to using a desktop and had to download a separate mobile app to view on a phone or tablet. Inutit's goal was to create a cohesive application experience across all devices, that only required one code-base to support in the future.


Tragic worked as an extension of Intuit's in-house team, collaborating closely with an in-house designer and tax developer. It is always a careful balance when working with internal teams, as an agency must both take charge of leading the project while also being mindful of internal processes and politics. We guided Intuit's designer in mobile best practices and application capabilities throughout the design phase, and worked closely with their tax developer to integrate the application with an undocumented tax API for handling the complex tax calculations.


The end result was the successful build of 2 tax applications, responsive and cohesive across all devices. We built both applications within Intuit's aggressive timeline, completing product and design specifications within the existing framework and interfacing with multiple parts of their internal team. We had originally been slated for only one project, but as a result of the success of the first application build we were brought on to help with a second application project.

One Responsive

Web App to Rule Them All

We built one responsive web app to replace an outdated web app and two native apps - resulting in a sleeker and more functional experience that only requires one codebase to support.


Integration with Team

We acted like a true extension of the Intuit team, meeting on-site for kick-off and brainstorming sessions, and adopting Intuit's chat programs for continued collaboration when off-site. Our ability to step in and fill the expertise not available internally allowed Intuit to meet their deadlines to have both applications completed before the start of the tax season.

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