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Serverless Website for Drivey


Drivey needed a serverless website, so that information about features, pricing, and resources were readily available to users and potential customers. Drivey is a multi-cloud application that creates a better file management experience and consolidates multiple cloud accounts into one place. By merging existing cloud platforms into one place, freelancers and agencies have the flexibility to move files seamlessly between drives. Drivey allows users to operate more efficiently without the trouble of signing in or opening multiple tabs to see all the drives at once.


One of the challenges with building a serverless website for Drivey was that it didn’t have a CMS. Because app store and blog were the main areas of momentum, we wanted to make sure Drivey’s website was optimized for traffic and offered value to potential customers. Though the content needs weren’t as robust as other projects, we needed to find a balance between a minimalist website and a valuable one that educated users on Drivey’s value proposition.


The solution was an iterative website designed to support a growing base of content for Drivey.

  • We wanted the website to be search-forward and optimize keywords and SEO to gain authority on Google.
  • The implementation of a static site generator and headless CMS eased the stress of iterative content management. This made adding new blogs and website updates easy and flexible for both the design and content marketing teams.


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The main site is straightforward and is meant to quickly highlight the app features and touch on the obstacles faced by freelancers and agencies. 

  • By focusing on helpful tutorials and targeting the pain points of Drivey’s audience, we got Drivey’s blog pages to rank.
  • Originally static, the site is currently being integrated with Contentful which allows more flexibility between the content and design teams, and seamless, iterative content management.

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