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Browser Plugin for Drivey


The goal for Drivey was to create a plugin that easily moves and migrates files between two or more cloud drives. We wanted the browser plugin to provide the same experience as the web app, but in the small extension flyout. Our goal of the browser plugin was to create a better cloud drive experience, as well as to allow for easy multi-drive management.


The biggest challenge for the browser extensions was the timeline. We had added several additional features and needed to release a strong MVP as quickly as possible. There were also a few small development challenges, as there always are when adapting a web application into a browser extension.


The solution was to take our existing user interface, and adjust it to work optimally in the reduced window of the extension flyout

  • Optimized an existing UI for the browser extension
  • Packaged the Vue app as an extension for both Chrome and Edge since they both use the Chromium browser


An open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

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An open source PHP framework designed for rapid prototyping.

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The results are a powerful extension that empowers users to more easily interact with all of their cloud storage accounts on their desktops. By offering an extension, we are able to save users one more tab and  allow them to keep their files even closer at hand.

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