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Website Performance Optimization

In 2020 Google changed the way it measures application performance for its SEO algorithm. Google created a new standard for website speed called Core Web Vitals.

The Truth About Website Performance and SEO

Why Website Speed Matters

The speed of your website or ecommerce store not only impacts your user retention and conversion, but it is now a major factor in your SEO ranking. Google now leverages your website Core Web Vitals along with existing signals for page experience to provide a more holistic view of a user's experience on a page.

Google search rank is directly related to the user experience characteristics, including page load time, interactivity, and how smoothly your page loads.

Don't Let Your Site Speed Stay a Tragedy

We can help you iteratively improve your website, ecommerce, or application performance at a cadence and budget that works for you.

Wordpress Optimization

Whether your theme is hand-built or off-the-shelf, we can help you fine-tune it to improve your website performance.

Shopify Optimization

We can optimize your theme, identify problematic plugins, and improve the performance of your store.

Drupal Optimization

Drupal offers many advanced performance opportunities from advanced site cache to responsive and lazy-loaded image handling to asset deferment, compression, and optimization.

Angular Optimization

The latest versions of Angular boast some major improvements including automatic lazy loaded modules, bundle optimization advancements, and faster initial bootstrapping.

Vue Optimization

Vue offers many avenues for performance optimization including lazy loaded modules and bundle, component, and asset optimization.

Laravel Optimization

Being an advanced PHP framework, Laravel offers many opportunities for improved back-end speed for your application or REST services.

You Have the Need, the Need for Speed

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