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Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We have always focused on providing a flexible approach to long term infrastructure and development support for our clients. We support our clients with regular infrastructure and framework updates, ongoing technical leadership, sporadic issue / bug troubleshooting, along with iterative feature enhancement. We structure our support agreements to adjust monthly based on the evolving needs of each client.

Monitor, Optimize, Fix Bugs, and Stay Secure

Website and Ecommerce Development Support

We help many clients with ongoing website and ecommerce development support. We work with each client to understand the current state of their website and ecommerce properties and we establish a plan to optimize performance, fix bugs, and update the platform based on their individual goals and budget.

Big Updates Can Happen in Small Steps

Iterative Feature Development

At Tragic, we strongly believe in adopting an agile product methodology. Long gone are the days of huge application launches that sit untouched and eventually grow stale and out-of-date over the course of a few years. In order to keep your applications fresh and your customers delighted, you should invest in regular feature enhancements to grow your product. Keeping your application secure and fixing bugs is important, but if you are not growing your product to offer new features, information, and experiences to your users; you will quickly lose ground to your competition.

Stay Optimized and Scale Securely

Cloud Hosting and DevOps Support

Keep your cloud secure and scalable with an expert DevOps team to support you. Our GCP and AWS experts can help you optimize and support your existing infrastructure, or we can lead the process of migrating existing products to the cloud. We focus on maximizing uptime, increasing fail safes, and optimizing performance. Our clients depend on us to keep global applications running smoothly while not wasting money on unnecessary or non-optimized infrastructure.

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