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Increase Performance and Reduce Cost

Cloud Hosting Optimization

Focus on growing revenue and launching new products, while our team increases the performance of your cloud hosting solution.

Expertise in optimizing cloud infrastructure

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Increase the speed of your current tech stack. Improve your user experience by making your sluggish app feel snappy.


Build the right systems and safeguards to increase the stability of your cloud infrastructure.


Reduce cost by creating a more efficient tech stack. Optimize backups and leverage scalable servers to reduce the base footprint of your architecture.


Introduce reporting and monitoring, so you can stay one step ahead of the curve. Don’t be surprised by slow downs or outages again.


Deploy serverless compute and storage resources, perfect for services that are infrequently used or have highly variable loads.


Utilize cutting-edge container orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes to allow for seamless scaling during peak traffic hours. Remove the need for manual intervention and high server costs.

Assess your current cloud host

Understand where you are today, plan for the future

First, we assess your current cloud hosting situation. This process involves both looking at the cloud services you are using and also talking to your team to understand current and future architecture needs. Next, we prepare a detailed plan on how to improve the cost, performance, and availability of your cloud host. Enjoy this full cloud hosting audit  by Tragic Media free of charge.

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