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Tragic is different. Here's why.

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Published:December 19, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

There are many different types of agencies, but the majority can be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Full Service Digital Agency - A full service digital agency will have internal teams dedicated to marketing, SEO, design, and development in order to provide all digital services to their clients. However, unless the agency is very large, they likely lack the internal expertise be actually be full service. Many agencies call themselves this to get sales in the door, but will have to outsource work that they do not have the expertise for internally.
  2. Marketing/Advertising Agency - Generally speaking, this type of agency knows very little about design and tech, but a lot about digital marketing. Their expertise is in their ability to market your company and maximize your advertising spend. When it comes to building a website, they are usually comfortable with designing and developing basic sites but tend to stay away for complex custom builds.
  3. Design Agency - The majority of work for these types of agencies is still mostly print. They will all advertise building websites, but their focus is still design and tend to lack the internal technical expertise for large complex projects.
  4. Engineering Agency - This is usually a large team of overseas developers, with very limited design or user experience. If you're just looking for additional development hands, this type of agency might be a great fit. But these agencies tend to lack strategy and design expertise required to develop a sophisticated end-product.
  5. SEO Agency - This type of agency focuses on search engine optimization and paid search engine marketing. The majority of SEO companies stick to their focus of analytics, and usually do not do much web design or development.

What is Tragic?

Tragic is a different type of agency, focused on the intersection where great design is brought to life with cutting-edge technologies. We have years of experience in design and user experience, but at our core we are a team of developers. We don't consider ourselves a "design agency" as design does not drive our process, strategy and technology does. We don't consider ourselves an "engineering agency" because we believe that any great software solution is only as strong as the user experience it provides. We live right in the middle of those two agency worlds, focused on coupling modern design with expert development. Our small team is built to offer the expert services required to build complex websites and applications: digital strategy, user experience, design, development, project management, and quality assurance.

The Tragic Advantage

Below are some key advantages that our small digital agency provides:

  1. Small team, big experience. When you hire Tragic, you're hiring a team of experts. There are no junior members of our team, everyone has years of experience in their role, and we work together to use our expertise to produce the best end-product possible for our clients.
  2. A complete web team, without the internal overhead. Designing, developing, and supporting complex digital products is a complicated process that takes expertise from several disciplines (strategy, user experience, design, front-end development, back-end development, QA, and project management). But it does not take all of those roles full-time, especially once the product is launched. Tragic provides a robust team chock-full of experience, and we are able to adjust the team dedicated to your project as needed to ensure the best success with the lowest cost.
  3. We don't do cookie cutter. Our focus is on building quality, custom solutions for complex projects. We don't cut corners. We don't implement cookie cutter solutions. We use our expertise to design and develop innovative solutions for our clients.
  4. Agile team, without the overhead. Our team is small and agile and has worked together for years. We have very little management overhead, and strive to be an efficient and cost effective solution. What you're paying for is exactly what you get, without the middleman.


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