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"I don't need a website!" - and rebuttals

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Published:December 14, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Over the last 9+ years of building websites and applications for clients, we have heard some pretty ridiculous statements when trying to sell a potential client a new website. But one of the most perplexing statements is when we hear from a business that they do not think they need a website, or don't feel that they need to update their website. Below are four actual statements that we have heard while doing sales, and a brief synopsis of why they are so wrong.

1. "My customers don't use the 'interwebs.' They don't buy my service online, so there's no reason for me to exist on the web."

Everyone is online. Even if they're not using the web to buy your service, they are certainly using it to do research, check out your competitors, and gather more information about their purchase. The internet is not an optional piece of life any longer (hence why what the FCC is currently doing could be so devastating)- and you need to make sure your brand is properly represented, and that you are producing content to help inform your potential and current clients about your products and services.

2. "I have a Facebook page, I don't need a whole website."

Social is very important to building your brand, but it's not the only piece required. You should be using social media to push traffic towards your site, your anchor. Social is full of distractions and not built to effectively educate consumers about your companies product or services. Social, on its own, has no flow or funnel and does not lead to successful sales. It has to be incorporated into a large campaign funnel to be successful. Make sure you are tending to your social presence, but make sure that effort is going into driving folks towards the point of sale-- on your website (even if the actual sale happens in person/via another method)- your website is the funnel, social media is just some of the sign posts.

3. "I don't have money to invest in a website, and it's not a priority for the money I do have to invest."

You cannot afford not to have a website. Competition is increasing exponentially across all industries as technology pushes everything forward at high speed. You need to be investing in your brand and your online presence, so that you can stay abreast of and hopefully ahead of your competition. Without a website and a strong online presence, you won't even be in the race.

4. "I have limited resources, I don't have the hands or the time to build this."

Building a solid web-presence does not need to be done entirely in house, but it also doesn't need to be done by a name-less, face-less, expensive company somewhere out of the country. Consider an agency to help fill whatever holes you lack internally- a team that is motivated to help you succeed to your fullest, that will be available for feedback and constant communication, and that is passionate about building the best websites with the newest technology.


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