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Be a unicorn: how to differentiate your brand from the competition

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Published:December 21, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

1. Behave differently- Choose a few cornerstones of behavior that set you apart from your competitors. Whether that's a stellar customer service reputation, a unique feature, or the background of the team you assemble. If you have something that truly sets you apart, it makes it significantly easier to show people that you are actually unique. Behave differently, and people will take notice. 


Behave Differently


2. Find your unique look and stick to it- People should know immediately upon landing on your website who you are and that visual symmetry should carry through all your social, products, and branding opportunities. Brand recognition is extremely important, and a proven way of getting folks to buy whatever you are selling simply because they know what it is right away. If you have a cohesive look across your web presence, you'll be both easily recognizable, and look professional and polished.


Unique Look


3. Tell a story- This story should help define you, and it will help people remember you. Having context for a brand, and highlighting a unique background, will make it easier for potential customers to recall you specifically when they're faced with a bunch of choices. Consumers love stories, and since every company has something interesting they could capitalize on, make sure you are taking advantage of yours and sharing it with potential clients. Make where you came from one of your strengths, and make where you're going part of the story you're selling. 




4. Stand for something your customers want to stand for- In this age of social movements, it can help set your brand apart if you're actively (and genuinely) lobbying for and supporting a choice social movement. It's important to understand your target audience (see #5)- so that you are addressing and focusing on something that will speak to them. Make sure your choice is relevant to your product, and they will work together to strengthen your selling points and make you more memorable. 




5. Understand exactly who your audience is and how to target them- Though you may have competitors, the best way to carve out a corner of the marketplace for yourself is to figure out how your customer is different, and market and communicate directly to them. Targeted marketing is both cheaper and way more effective- and if you know who you are trying to communicate with, you can hone and strengthen your argument and selling points. You get guidance on what stories to chose to tell, and what social movements to support. Always be genuine, but also be strategic in what decisions you make. 


Target Audience


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