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Rich Rudzinski Talks Website Security with AMA San Diego

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Published:August 21, 2018
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Website security is a topic that no company should ignore. No matter the size of your business, the security of your site, data, and customers’ information is an important business expense.

Website security is important before code is written and continues for the life of the business. From choosing the right platform to building out a proper team for the size of your website, having the proper knowledge to make decisions is important for any executive team.

Many clients and employees know Rich, the CEO of Tragic Media, but not everyone knows that he has been infatuated with computers from the time he first locked eyes on the sweet 486 Windows machine in the early 90s. He broke, fixed, and gamed on that computer until he saved enough to build his own machine from scratch!

Rich and the great team at Tragic Media have worked with some amazing clients throughout the years. This includes Under Armour, Pixar, WD-40, GM, Iron Man, Intel, the Baltimore Ravens, the Atlanta Falcons, Lego, Burger King, and Qualcomm. Check out our line of development services to learn more!

In the first section of the podcast, we discuss website pre-launch steps that businesses should take. We also talk best practices for those looking to hire a development agency to support their security checks.

In Section 2, we talk all about website maintenance. From plug-ins to data storage, we discuss ways that businesses of all sized can easily implement safe and secure practices. We talk SSL and Rich mentioned a great one-click tool for SSL implementation called CloudFlare.

In Section 3, we focus on hackers. Why they hack and the different ways they like to get into a site and take over. Spoiler Alert: hackers don’t always want to take over the site! Sometimes they are looking to leverage your server power!

In the last part of our discussion we talk about tips and best practices for all types of small businesses and consumers. We talk about data protection for businesses and what consumers can do to protect their data. We cover what consumers can look out for when dealing with sensitive data on financial apps like MintTurbo by IntuitWallyAcorns, and more!

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About the Hosts of This Week in Marketing:

Sam Wheeler is the new host of “This Week in Marketing”. Sam is a SEO manager at Inseev Interactive and loves all things digital. Sam has supported some great local and national brands, like Guava Family & Source Capital, to name a few. His newest project is a website crawler called Rapid Rex.

Kevin Svec is a new member of AMA San Diego and a senior copywriter at E2M Solutions. He loves to write and has his own travel blog called Impulsive Wanderlust.





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