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How to keep your CMS website from getting hacked

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Published:April 2, 2020
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Tragic Media hosted the second Technology SIG (Special Interest Group) for AMA San Diego on February 28, 2020. Richard Rudzinski, CEO, and Todd Budzinski, Head of Engineering, led a discussion on content management system (CMS) security and best practices. The presentation evoked a natural discussion throughout which resulted in some great security take aways.

The discussion focused around a few key topics:

  • Best practices for CMS installation
  • Ensuring security through ongoing delivery
  • How to prevent a CMS hack
  • Tips for what to do if your website gets hacked

Enjoy the recording of the event, compliments of WS Radio, below:

CMS Security Presentation

CMS Security Q & A

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