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How the Hubspot growth stack can automate many sales and marketing processes

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Published:August 10, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Your sales and marketing teams are likely losing time and morale dealing with rote tasks that could be run using automation. Management may not have identified these opportunities, or management may not be aware of the marketing platform that can actually take advantage of it. Either way, your company's most valuable resource - creative manpower - is being lost in a sea of necessary evils.

Let's identify some of the most common opportunities for automation that you may be missing.

The Sales Team

  • Real time tracking of customers by engagement narrative
  • Organizing and reviewing notes on sales leads
  • Physically finding customer records
  • Making emails and calls when appropriate
  • Logging sales metrics

The Marketing Team

  • Matching KPMs of competing analytics systems
  • Segmenting marketing/sales lists for targeted marketing
  • Sending the proper information to prospects in a timely fashion
  • Managing a properly connected email marketing, social media and website content campaign

Hubspot as a solution

Hubspot is all about streamlined management - the idea of Hubspot is to bring your marketing and sales tools under a single umbrella with easy access to information between company divisions and prospect narratives. Hubspot combines marketing, sales, and CRM software in one organized space, with all data easily accessible to your whole team. Automation is central to the platform, and addresses the need for sales and marketing to connect in a productive and organized way.

Here are just a few of the features that may save your sales and marketing teams a large chunk of their day.

Learn about the Hubspot Growth Stack


Solutions for Your Sales Team

  • Intuitive lead information pages - Your sales team will be able to take notes, email and call customers from the same record page.
  • Automated sequencing tool - The sales team will stay abreast of the latest leads in real time through an automated function that keeps the team looking at the newest information first.
  • Full stack tracking - Sales will be able to track each deal from the initial touchpoint all the way to the close with full visualization for future analysis and real time management.
  • Customizable dashboards - You can create the user interface that works best for your company and your sales team specifically, changing it as your company culture evolves.

Solutions for Your Marketing Team

  • Synchronizing the entire marketing campaign - Your marketing team can easily manage and automate your email campaigns, social accounts, and website content from the same dashboard.
  • Easy scheduling - Marketing can schedule automated blog posts and social media posts to create a consistent customer facing pattern of engagement, even if the team is shorthanded or must attend to an emergency event.
  • Advanced workflows - Your marketing team will be able to respond in real time to user behaviors, with personalized automation controlling the response to popular behaviors.
  • Campaign creation - You can easily create, manage, and compare campaigns to have a standard of success across multiple touch-points or platforms.

Connecting your sales team to your marketing division, and connecting both teams to a sales pro system that encourages automation to free time for creativity, is essential to the future of your company. If you combine the functionality of your sales, marketing, and CRM on a single platform, you give your sales and marketing teams the technology they need to work together. The automated nature of Hubspot helps to moderate the time that your newly sychronized teams spend on repeated actions, freeing up your creatives for creative, strategic work.


Check out the Hubspot Growth Stack for more information on which of your processes can be easily automated!

Learn about the Hubspot Growth Stack

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