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3 ways lifestyle and sports brands can create impactful digital experiences

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Published:September 26, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Lifestyle and sports brands are selling more than a product, they are selling an experience. Whether their products are centered around a specific sport/activity, a vehicle, food, or clothing, these brands have the added challenge of trying to convey the experience of their product on a medium that can only interact with two of the user's senses.

Additionally, products sold by lifestyle and action sports brands are, generally speaking, not necessities. So it is extra important that they make an impact to their site visitors to lead them to a conversion.

Below are 3 ways that lifestyle and sports brands can successfully bridge the digital gap and create a branded experience for their website visitors:

1. Impactful imagery - Most companies have to work hard to come up with photos and imagery for their website that is not generic or too far of a stretch for their brand. Lifestyle and sports brands are sitting on a gold mine of great imagery. Whether you use shots of sponsored athletes, scenery, or your product in action; make them big, bold, and impactful to capture the users' attention and keep them on your site, engaging with your content, longer.

2. Interactivity and animation - A website is more than a newspaper with a static layout, use the latest tools to create animations that engage the user. Interactivity is fun and, if done successfully, can help drive the user down the funnel to a conversion. Keep your users engaged, and take advantage of the fact that it doesn't feel contrived when applied to a lifestyle or sports brand.

3. Personalization - Users want brands that align with their values and make them feel connected. Use personalization to cater the content on your website to each user to provide them with a customized browsing experience built to help them find what they are looking for faster. Collect information from your users through gated content and discount offers- this both keeps them engaged, and gives you important information that you can easily apply towards personalized and targeted marketing efforts.

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