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What is 'Brand Image' and why is it crucial to your company's online presence?

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Published:September 8, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Brand image is crucial, and something that you, as a business owner, are creating (knowingly or not) through your brand's marketing materials, social interactions, and website content and theme.

Brand image is a crucially important piece of running a business, but it’s common for businesses to address it only as a side note within their marketing strategy. Many companies will cut corners with pre-built themes for their websites, resulting in an online representation that mimics competitors and fails to distinguish from the crowd.

The first impressions that your website gives, and the initial thoughts that your visitors have about your visual design, content, and products, creates an image that users will use to distinguish the quality of your company- you are setting the tone for the perception of your brand quality and its values. This impression will decide whether the user stays on your site or not, and eventually if they decide to purchase your product or service. Generally, you only have a couple seconds (minutes at most) to make an impression on your users, and show them that what you’re selling should be taken into serious consideration by them. Brand image guides these feelings- and the effort put into your site, logo, offers, content, and overall user experience, will dictate if those feelings are positive or negative. When it comes to their online brand image, many companies will try to save on cost with pre-built themes for their websites, resulting in an experience that mimics competitors and fails to distinguish them from the crowd. Custom sites are not cheap, but the return on investment they provide cannot be understated. A site that is tailored to your brand, creates a unique experience, and guides users through critical conversion points is absolutely necessary to grow your online presence and set your company apart from its competition.


If your website is not creating a strongly branded experience and is in need of a refresh, contact us and let our experts boost your digital brand light years ahead of your competition!

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