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3 Reasons Why Responsive is Vitally Important in 2017

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Published:September 21, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

If your website is not responsive in 2017, it is more than just frustrating your users, it is losing you money. Below are 3 reasons why every website needs to be responsive if they want to continue to grow:

 1. There are more mobile internet users than desktop - Mobile traffic is responsible for 52% of internet traffic, vs. 48% on desktop. That means over half of your website visitors are browsing your website on their phone or tablet. If you are not providing a decent responsive experience, those visitors will leave and find a site that will.

2. Search Engines will rank you lower - Google updated their algorithm in early 2016 to favor mobile-friendly website for mobile visitors. That means the 52% traffic mentioned above will see your competitor first in the search rankings if your site is not responsive.

3. Desktop still has a higher conversion rate than mobile - while mobile internet usage is high, desktop and tablet internet usage still leads for conversions. So while traffic is higher, conversions are lower. While this statistic could mean a few different things, it is easy enough to figure out that if your website is not responsive your users are going to have more difficulty and less will convert. If over half of your traffic is mobile traffic, and they have decreased conversions due to a poor site experience, you are losing money.


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