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2017 web design trends

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Published:March 3, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

The web is a constantly evolving digital space. Much like in fashion, web design evolves in trends that become popular and then fade away. Knowing the latest top 2017 web design trends is essential whether you have plans to launch a personal portfolio website or if you are looking to promote a new business or brand for a client. Staying up-to-date with the latest web design trends and practices keeps a brand's digital presence relevant and has been proven an essential part in attracting new visitors and increasing conversions of existing customers. Below are some of our favorite new web design trends of 2017:

Minimalistic layouts that feature and highlight content 

Using open composition methods of design while simultaneously developing minimalistic layouts helps to highlight content in a more meaningful way. This technique offers a much better browsing experience when working with limited screen space. With the rampant increase in mobile devices, it is evident why using minimalistic design techniques is a big trend in 2017. 

Big and bold typography

With the major advances in webfont availability and popularity, the web is getting a bold new type-face. In 2017, you will see many brands using big bold typography to emphasize their message and help catch the fleeting attention of the digital generation. No site needs to feel confined to the simple type-faces of yesteryear, it's time to be BOLD.

Complex website layouts that still integrate traditional graphic design rules and principles

A popular design trend of 2017 is to incorporate more traditional graphic design rules and principles. CSS3 advances have allowed for new and improved layout possibilities. Many designers are going back to their roots and incorporating more print-style layouts into the web space. A great example of this is the incorporation of traditional magazine-style layouts and the mixing of horizontal and vertical text.

Vibrant bold color schemes

Bright, bold colors are coming back big in 2017. Vibrant gradients, bright florencents, and eye-catching two-tone effects are all the craze. Bright yellows, oranges, hot pink, stark blue, and neon green will soon be the norm as this trend starts to set root. The vibrant choice of colors help to frame the content and make browsing the web more fun on all devices. 

Animation's return to websites

Smart use of animated GIFs, cinemagraphs, and background videos help to highlight text and catch the user's eye. The increased speed of the internet along with advances in browser technology make this new trend a possibility rather than a loading nightmare.

Hand-grawn graphics and authentic photos

Authenticity is a big trend in 2017. A great example of this is the increased use of of "real" photos, and custom hand-drawn graphics and icons. Brands are trying to connect with their customers by leveraging real social imagery in more of their digital campaigns. Also, more websites and applications are creating their own sense of realness by creating hand-drawn graphics to give their digital products more of a personal feel. Hopefully soon stock photography will be a trend of the past, but at least for now we can appreciate this new emergence of authenticity in brand visuals.

Unique and original layouts that stray from traditional setups

Implementing unique and original layouts that aren't "typical" layouts from the past is a way to stand out regardless of the brand you are looking to build and grow. Cookie-cutter grid layouts perpetuated by the lazy use of responsive frameworks has ignited a new trend to break down the traditional layout to produce something new and original.

Personalization of layouts based on user preferences and locations

Personalization continues to be a growing trend for keeping users engaged longer by tailoring website layout and content to specific audiences and demographics. Creating graphics and entire layouts that are relevant to your business or brand is a way to outperform competition while humanizing with users and customers who enjoy what your brand has available or the message you convey. 

Communications and humanization of all websites

The addition of communities, forums, and open discussion of websites is one of the biggest top 2017 trends (and possibly longer). Not all online users are simply stuck to one social network, but to various networks that work to fulfill their needs, "likes", and even design styles. Providing web content, advertisements, and promotions to customers while sounding relevant and relatable simultaneously is a way for you to truly build connections and networks with those who are also interested in your business or service and what it has to offer. 

Taking the time to study top websites based on layout and graphic design principles is useful in the long-term, especially when your website's design is a key focus regarding the nature of your business or drawing in potential customers and clients. Implementing just a few of the top web design trends of 2017 can quickly boost your website's authority while making a name for yourself within any industry you represent.

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