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Magento eCommerce + Progressive Web Apps

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Published:November 3, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Breaking news!! (From July, it was a busy summer cut us some slack)

Magento Commerce has decided to collaborate with Google to develop a completely new Progressive Web App framework for Magento e-commerce merchants. "PWAs are the new standard for building a modern web experience," said Alex Komoroske, group product manager at Google. Since PWAs promise to deliver more traffic, better conversion rates, and increased revenue- it would be silly not to invest in this wave as it really gets going. Fortunately, Magento sees the possibilities and the obvious trends that are taking place in our industry.

Learn About PWAs

Forrester reports that by 2019 mobile traffic will outpace desktop, and so it's absolutely crucial that the continuing conversion rate discrepancy be tackled and turned around. Native apps traditionally have a much higher conversion rate than responsive website, but PWAs bridge the gap in functionality between a website and a native app and provide a financially reasonable solution to keep a company competitive- not requiring an investment in multiple native apps to handle the myriad of mobile devices continuing to flood the market.


Read more here:

And keep an eye out for more updates from Magento on this soon.

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