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Magento 2: Enterprise vs. Community - Which platform is right for your store?

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Published:June 20, 2017
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Magento 2 is a significant upgrade from the original Magneto solution, giving users more flexibility, features, and options when it comes to running an online store. But once you begin looking into this upgrade, you'll realize that there are two options available to you- Magento 2 Enterprise, or Magento 2 Community Edition.

Whether you have just launched your first online shop or if you are seeking comprehensive support to handle thousands of orders daily, deciding between Magento 2 Enterprise and Magento 2 Community Edition is dependent on your needs and the demand you currently have for your brand and its products. No matter which you choose, you will be able to manage all of your products and customers with a few clicks, providing you with the ability to focus more on the growth of your company and brand's reputation than the management of your transactions. It's simply a matter of deciding what features are important to you, and making the best decision for you! 

Feature Differences

It is important to compare the features offered by both Magneto 2 Enterprise and Community prior to selecting the solution that will fit you and your business. While both solutions offer access to the Magneto Extension Community, inventory management, and built-in SEO modules, Magneto 2 Enterprise also provides 24/7 developer support to minimize downtime and give you more access to tech professionals whenever an issue arrises. Additionally, Magneto 2 Enterprise is capable of handling large inventory catalogs with ease, offers full-page caching for faster speed on your website, and advanced admin login details and site access roles (ideal for various employees who help to assist and manage with your online shop). Rollback and scalability options are excellent and take priority with Magneto 2 Enterprise over Magneto 2 Community, ensuring your website is capable of handling any traffic you receive, even during peak hours. Adding customer attributes is also included with the Magento 2 Enterprise solution, ensuring you are able to keep track of loyal customers while getting to know more about their preferences prior to reaching out, offering promotions, or looking for return sales in the future.


Another major difference between Magneto 2 Enterprise and Community Edition is the cost factor. For those who are launching a small web store and building their business from the ground up, Magneto 2 Community is often the best choice, as it is free of charge and provides easy to use tools to help manage and maintain your website without requiring a background in computer engineering. Magneto 2 Enterprise is ideal for online shops that want to provide easy gateways for thousands of customers to make purchases without any interruption, lag, or downtime. The enterprise version has an annual licensing fee, but if you are handling large amounts of customers, it is the easy choice to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Store Size

One of the benefits of Magneto 2 Enterprise is the ability to easily scale to assist hundreds of thousands of purchases daily while processing millions of SKUs if necessary. Enterprise takes advantage of multiple servers, allowing for limitless scalability, and the power to expand at any speed without the common side effect of crashing sites, and traffic problems. Community Edition is ideal for those who have a growing customer base, but do not service a wide number of countries and have a smaller, more steady number of sales.  


While hosting for both Magneto 2 Enterprise and Community is relatively similar, the Enterprise option does allow for full-page caching, meaning faster-loading pages even during times of high-demand. This harkens back to sites tending to crash if traffic suddenly spikes- not something that will happen with the Enterprise edition. Magneto 2 Community is ideal for small or newer online shops that are getting off of the ground and building their consumer base, that have a slower, more steady projected growth rate, and which will benefit from the light, free Community version until the point where the more robust Enterprise edition would be necessary.


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