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5 reasons why you should use Drupal 8 for your company's new responsive website

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Published:April 28, 2016
Last Modified:July 20, 2022

Drupal is the world's most used enterprise web content management system, and for good reasons. Drupal is extremely customizable, and has the ability to grow and adapt to the changing needs of your business. While platforms like WordPress can offer a quick solution for your company's website needs, they also restrict the possibilities of customization and future scalability. Below are some of Drupal 8's features designed to create interactive and unique website experiences for brands in all industries:

1. Drupal is designed for content

Drupal's platform is extremely flexible to create and showcase a wide range of content, like news articles, photo galleries, videos, store listings, events, and more. This helps developers create a more customized, memorable experience tailored to the site visitor’s needs. Drupal 8 has pushed the platform to new levels. By integrating some of the best community modules from Drupal 7, Drupal 8 is now even more flexible and scalable right 'out of the box'. WordPress, on the other hand, was created as a blogging platform, which really limits the content customization available to its users. Drupal also offers your website the ability to scale based on the growing needs of your business. It was built to support content-rich websites with high volumes of traffic.

2. Drupal better protects your website

Drupal's secure CMS can stand up to the worst internet vulnerabilities,and Drupal 8 has made improvements to make the platform even more secure. This is a major reason why leading corporations and brands trust Drupal as its website platform. Drupal's strict community code review process creates high coding standards which prevent many security problems. And if any issue does come up, Drupal has a dedicated security team of experts to quickly help. Other platforms, like WordPress, do not implement this rigorous review which encourages the entry of unsecure plugins. As a result, over 70% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

3. Drupal creates a custom, responsive user experience

Drupal's theme layer offers the ability to create a more custom, responsive experience for your users. Its theme system is much more powerful than WordPress', granting more freedom to build a cutting-edge design. Drupal can be used to bring dynamic designs to life, elevating your brand and creating an interactive experience for your users. Drupal 8 even comes packaged with a fully responsive admin theme, so now creating and editing your website content is easier than ever before!

4. Drupal offers built-in multilingual support

One of the greatest perks of a Drupal website is its ability to offer localized digital experiences for international companies. Because of the international community of developers that built Drupal, it has the ability to fully translate the language on every part of your website. The language can be customized for those working on the site, like administrators and content authors, and translate for your site's visitors. This allows your company can directly and clearly communicate with its customers worldwide. And beyond translated text content, you can also have locally-tailored information, layouts, and elements displayed on your site based on your visitors' language. Drupal 8 has continued to push the platform's support for foreign languages, and now is even better out of the box for multilingual sites.

5. Drupal easily integrates with the leading CRM programs

Drupal is built to allow for custom integrations with any type of 3rd party software or API. Drupal 8 has a completely rebuilt web services module, which makes 3rd party integrations easier than ever before. A CRM offers the ability to manage your contacts and track interactions with your clients. Combining your CRM with your CMS can help streamline your business operations and automate many of the ways clients interact with your company. The challenge is finding a CRM system that works well with your website. Fortunately, Drupal can easily integrate with most of the main players in the CRM market. Programs like Salesforce and SugarCRM include custom prebuilt modules specifically for integrating with your Drupal website.

Because of this, Drupal is one of our preferred content management systems for our clients' websites. Tragic Media’s expertise in Drupal web development will create an engaging online experience for your users. If you are looking for a scalable solution to showcase your brand and drive online conversions, contact us today.

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