Great Technology Solutions Require
User-Centric Design Expert Development ExecutionModern, ScalableInfrastructure

Providing Expert UX/UI, Software Development, and DevOps Services
Since 2009

We Build Diverse Technology Solutions

Our senior-packed teams can strategize and build a new solution from the ground up, or augment internal teams to upgrade, refactor, or scale existing infrastructure.

Web, Mobile, & Cross-Platform Applications

We Build Modern Application Solutions Leveraging Modern Frameworks

Our team has years of experience building enterprise-ready applications. We evolve our approach as technology advances to ensure we use the latest frameworks, technologies, and best practices. We focus on building modern, scalable web, mobile, and cross-platform applications.


Headless CMS Websites & Custom E-Commerce

We Create Modern User Experiences that are Manageable and Scalable

The needs of your business and solutions to your users are unique. We help companies create custom web and e-commerce experiences leverage modern solutions to empower their internal teams with better management, data, and future scalability.


Cloud Hosting & Infrastructure Optimization

We Help Organizations Save Money in the Cloud

Let us use our deep experience in Google Cloud and AWS to build or optimize your hosting infrastructure. We leverage the latest technologies, like serverless Kubernetes, to help your organization save money and increase both reliability and scalability.


Data Migrations & API Integrations

We Have Experience with Complex Data Migrations and API Integrations

Sometimes you need to integrate with outside systems or move infrastructure for your application or organization. We bring years of experience integrating with outside systems, and helping organizations tackle their most complex migrations. Our experience will help ensure the success of your project.


We Leverage Next-Gen Innovation

Constant evolution of our toolkit and service is the key to why Tragic has thrived in such a fast-paced industry since 2009. Looking for support building a next generation technology solution? Look no further.

Our Services
  • Blockchain Development

  • AR Applications

  • IoT Applications

  • AI & Machine Learning

We Provide Scalable Design & Development Services

Our engagement models are meant to provide the maximum value and support for our clients. We build a dedicated team of experts built around each client's unique needs.

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  • Project-Based

    We can execute your project needs quickly

  • Build & Support

    We will build your project and support it long-term

  • Inherit & Scale

    We can help support and scale your existing technology

We Partner with Leading Brands

From startups to national brands, we create high quality solutions tailored to the goals and budgets of each client.

Founded in San Diego, California
Servicing the World

Preventing tech tragedies since 2009